New IBM Business Partner Certification

Business Partner IBM

New certification strengthens successful long term relationship

Datawright is delighted to have gained a new-certification as an IBM Business Partner. This prestigious status follows successful assessments of staff competencies in the latest IBM Power Series and System X technologies. Business Partner status enables Datawright to continue installing and supporting IBM equipment; a position the company has been proud to hold since 1990.

The long term association with IBM is firmly centred on company’s mission to deliver the high quality IT solutions. In parallel to the advanced software applications in K8 Manufacturing and K8 Field Service, customers also expect a reliable, proven and technically capable hardware platform. Working with IBM not only ensures that Datawright offers what is widely understood to be the best technology available, but also maintains continuity in expertise and experience to protect customers’ system investments.
Datawright’s IBM-centred capabilities are also being used to meet the growing demand for system hosting – a cost-effective alternative to managing an in-house server. Norman Thompson, Head of Technical Services, said, “We are now also able to host IBM Power servers running AIX as an alternative to Linux-based servers. It’s increasingly clear that hosting not only represents excellent value for money for our customers, but also frees up their resources to focus on other priority areas. Other benefits include remote system monitoring and management - there’s always a team of skilled technicians available to resolve any issues that arise.