IoT Project gains Arlington a 16% increase in productivity

Arlington Automotive - K8 Manufacturing

“Since the real-time data has been on display via a dashboard on the shop floor, the time it has taken for presses to be in action at the beginning of every shift has halved.  This demonstrated an immediate ROI for us” Garry Luke, Systems Engineer, Arlington Automotive.


Car parts manufacturer Arlington Automotive is a division of global supply chain specialist, Arlington Industries Group Limited.

Arlington Automotive first implemented K8 Manufacturing in 1999. Since then, the company has grown considerably. Arlington Automotive’s continued growth meant that real-time performance data was a crucial requirement.

In 2016, Datawright implemented an IoT (Internet of Things) solution to link Arlington’s K8 Manufacturing ERP system to two of their presses. Wi-Fi automation devices connected to a micro-switch in each press enabled the presses to become ‘Internet-connected things’. This allowed K8 Manufacturing dashboards to display real-time performance data, updated every minute. A range of dashboard views were developed for both shop floor and back office monitoring, with shop floor dashboards visible on a large format screen located next to the presses.

Garry explained, “Before the IoT project, we had 'gut-feelings’ about teams of operatives being more efficient at certain types of operations than others on certain presses, however there was no reliable performance data to substantiate this. The data provided has enabled us to optimise shifts. Following the initial project on just two presses, parts per machine have increased substantially and we have been able to see a 16% gain in productivity”.


Gains and benefits

  • 16% gain in productivity 
  • Optimised work practices and time savings
  • Direct effect on production rates
  • Increased staff motivation and awareness
  • Increased output and profitability
  • Real-time performance data, updated every minute
  • Dashboard views for shop floor improvements and back office decision-making
  • Clear management action areas
  • Platform for future development


Arlington Automotive Case Study