K8 Manufacturing playing a key role in success for ADM Pressings

Whitchem - K8 Manufacturing

“K8 Manufacturing enables us to fully integrate our processes and helps everyone to understand how the business operates and interconnects.” Andy Wingfield, Managing Director, ADM Pressings.


ADM Pressings is a renowned manufacturer of pressings, assemblies and fabricated products for the automotive industry. ADM’s customers include Aston Martin, Bentley, JLR, JCB and Caterpillar.

The company first implemented K8 Manufacturing in 1999 and played a key role in supporting the development of the system’s management information dashboard tools.

The K8 Manufacturing system in use at ADM today is a much more advanced integrated product than the version which was first implemented in 1999. Since then, as the business has developed and newer software releases have been introduced, the system’s value to ADM has grown progressively.

In terms of overall benefit, K8 Manufacturing enables ADM to operate efficiently with tight process controls in every area. From customer contacts, enquiries, quotations and orders through to purchasing, stock control, production scheduling and despatch, the system lies at the heart of the business.

“K8 Manufacturing enables us to fully integrate our business processes, helps everyone to understand how the business operates and interconnects. We also use the system to administer our production assets for maintenance planning, inspection scheduling and repair orders. With everything flowing through to the accounting applications, K8 Manufacturing enables us to manage inbound and outbound invoicing, payables, receivables, cash-flow and payroll very effectively.”

Gains and benefits

  • Real time data for effective decision making
  • A robust, integrated software platform
  • A scalable system for future developments
  • Integrated process control sales order to delivery
  • Effective stock control and purchasing
  • Comprehensive production and resource planning
  • Integrated accounts and robust financial management
  • User-defined and maintained management dashboards
  • Fully supports business processes
  • An enduring, trusted partnership


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