Wide-ranging ERP system benefits gained by Martel Instruments

Martel Instruments - K8 Manufacturing

“No question about it, K8 Manufacturing runs the business and has enabled us to take the business forward” Andrew Hockaday, Operations Manager


Martel Instruments, based in Durham is a well-established designer and manufacturer of specialist printers and printing solutions. With an extensive product range, coupled with software, tooling and manufacturing expertise, the company serves the automotive, industrial, law enforcement, medical, retail and scientific sectors. As an electronics business, Martel has had to change considerably, adapting to new technologies, market opportunities and changes in customers’ requirements. In 2007, the company was acquired by an investment company, a move which has enabled Martel to develop its capabilities further and position itself as respected supplier of high quality printer products.

Using a combination of manual recording and some PC-based tools – spreadsheets and access databases, Martel’s ‘systems’ had become increasingly inadequate. Business growth was being inhibited by a lack of management information facilities and operations manager, Andrew Hockaday began the task of looking for an integrated ERP solution. The requirement was not simply to install an off- the- shelf product, but a system and supplier combination who would partner with Martel and provide the exact functionality and tools that the company needed. Pivotal for the company’s future, K8 Manufacturing was chosen for its flexible capabilities and the willingness and empathetic approach of the Datawright team who were committed to meeting Martel’s exacting requirements. The new system went live in September 2009.


Gains and benefits

  • Integrated functionality means greater cross-department efficiencies
  • Led to a trusted, ‘management information’ culture
  • Questions can be answered at the click-of-a-button
  • Shop Floor Data Capture means 100% visibility and backtrace capability
  • Supported the significant growth of the product range
  • Exception reporting means fast issue resolution
  • Long component lead times controlled with MRP tools
  • A platform for greater competitiveness
  • More time to manage opportunities
  • Workflow practices optimised to suit production preferences


Martel Case Study