K8 Manufacturing fuels success for Fluid Transfer International

Fluid Transfer - K8 Manufacturing

”The management dashboards provide real-time information about what’s happening in the business” Richard Iles-Caine, Finance Director


Fluid Transfer International (FTi) is a market-leading manufacturer of aviation and naval refuelling equipment. A major supplier to the Ministry of Defence and UK airports, FTi is also a successful exporter with around 75% of production sold overseas. A refuelling truck - a core product typically comprises more than 1000 items and because every order is bespoke to customer requirements, the company aims to work on just-in-time principles to keep inventory investment to a minimum. Long lead times of up to 9 months also put additional pressures on making effective us of IT systems to support the business.

FTi first implemented K8 Manufacturing in 2001 and has successively added to the system’s functionality and capabilities.  Led by financial director, Richard Iles-Caine, bar code scanning was introduced to replace timesheets which provided immediate savings in back office processes and that any time a snap shot can now show who is carrying out which process on any given job. Management Dashboards have given individuals the information they need on a self-service basis, avoiding the need for time consuming report requests.  The introduction of K8 Manufacturing’s product configurator tools enable sales quotations to be produced much more quickly than previously, by drawing in lists of selectable options.


Gains and benefits

  • Complete process control from order to delivery
  • Workflow tools enable proactive management as situations arise
  • Parts and labour accounting enable accurate contract reviews
  • Dashboards tailored to suit individual management requirements
  • Management accounts published just three days after month end
  • Quality module provides log for each issue or complaint to be managed
  • System is versatile and flexible to handle all types of parts, assemblies and kits
  • MOD process compatible for ‘claim for payment’ requirements
  • Invoicing and accounting for stage payment provision
  • Barcode facility on job sheets saves time in back office administration


Fluid Transfer Case Study