IoT Project gains Arlington a 16% increase in productivity
Arlington Automotive - K8 Manufacturing

“Since the real-time data has been on display via a dashboard on the shop floor, the time it has taken for presses to be in action at the beginning of every shift has halved.  This demonstrated an immediate ROI for us” Garry Luke, Systems Engineer, Arlington Automotive.


Car parts manufacturer Arlington Automotive is a division of global supply chain specialist, Arlington Industries Group Limited.

Arlington Automotive first implemented K8 Manufacturing in 1999. Since then, the company has grown considerably. Arlington Automotive’s continued growth meant that real-time performance data was a crucial requirement.

In 2016, Datawright implemented an IoT (Internet of Things) solution to link Arlington’s K8 Manufacturing ERP system to two of their presses. Wi-Fi automation devices connected to a micro-switch in each press enabled the presses to become ‘Internet-connected things’. This allowed K8 Manufacturing dashboards to display real-time performance data, updated every minute. A range of dashboard views were developed for both shop floor and back office monitoring, with shop floor dashboards visible on a large format screen located next to the presses.

Garry explained, “Before the IoT project, we had 'gut-feelings’ about teams of operatives being more efficient at certain types of operations than others on certain presses, however there was no reliable performance data to substantiate this. The data provided has enabled us to optimise shifts. Following the initial project on just two presses, parts per machine have increased substantially and we have been able to see a 16% gain in productivity”.


Gains and benefits

  • 16% gain in productivity 
  • Optimised work practices and time savings
  • Direct effect on production rates
  • Increased staff motivation and awareness
  • Increased output and profitability
  • Real-time performance data, updated every minute
  • Dashboard views for shop floor improvements and back office decision-making
  • Clear management action areas
  • Platform for future development


Arlington Automotive Case Study


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K8 Manufacturing playing a key role in success for ADM Pressings
Whitchem - K8 Manufacturing

“K8 Manufacturing enables us to fully integrate our processes and helps everyone to understand how the business operates and interconnects.” Andy Wingfield, Managing Director, ADM Pressings.


ADM Pressings is a renowned manufacturer of pressings, assemblies and fabricated products for the automotive industry. ADM’s customers include Aston Martin, Bentley, JLR, JCB and Caterpillar.

The company first implemented K8 Manufacturing in 1999 and played a key role in supporting the development of the system’s management information dashboard tools.

The K8 Manufacturing system in use at ADM today is a much more advanced integrated product than the version which was first implemented in 1999. Since then, as the business has developed and newer software releases have been introduced, the system’s value to ADM has grown progressively.

In terms of overall benefit, K8 Manufacturing enables ADM to operate efficiently with tight process controls in every area. From customer contacts, enquiries, quotations and orders through to purchasing, stock control, production scheduling and despatch, the system lies at the heart of the business.

“K8 Manufacturing enables us to fully integrate our business processes, helps everyone to understand how the business operates and interconnects. We also use the system to administer our production assets for maintenance planning, inspection scheduling and repair orders. With everything flowing through to the accounting applications, K8 Manufacturing enables us to manage inbound and outbound invoicing, payables, receivables, cash-flow and payroll very effectively.”

Gains and benefits

  • Real time data for effective decision making
  • A robust, integrated software platform
  • A scalable system for future developments
  • Integrated process control sales order to delivery
  • Effective stock control and purchasing
  • Comprehensive production and resource planning
  • Integrated accounts and robust financial management
  • User-defined and maintained management dashboards
  • Fully supports business processes
  • An enduring, trusted partnership


VMS Case Study


Wide-ranging ERP system benefits gained by Martel Instruments

Martel Instruments - K8 Manufacturing

“No question about it, K8 Manufacturing runs the business and has enabled us to take the business forward” Andrew Hockaday, Operations Manager


Martel Instruments, based in Durham is a well-established designer and manufacturer of specialist printers and printing solutions. With an extensive product range, coupled with software, tooling and manufacturing expertise, the company serves the automotive, industrial, law enforcement, medical, retail and scientific sectors. As an electronics business, Martel has had to change considerably, adapting to new technologies, market opportunities and changes in customers’ requirements. In 2007, the company was acquired by an investment company, a move which has enabled Martel to develop its capabilities further and position itself as respected supplier of high quality printer products.

Using a combination of manual recording and some PC-based tools – spreadsheets and access databases, Martel’s ‘systems’ had become increasingly inadequate. Business growth was being inhibited by a lack of management information facilities and operations manager, Andrew Hockaday began the task of looking for an integrated ERP solution. The requirement was not simply to install an off- the- shelf product, but a system and supplier combination who would partner with Martel and provide the exact functionality and tools that the company needed. Pivotal for the company’s future, K8 Manufacturing was chosen for its flexible capabilities and the willingness and empathetic approach of the Datawright team who were committed to meeting Martel’s exacting requirements. The new system went live in September 2009.


Gains and benefits

  • Integrated functionality means greater cross-department efficiencies
  • Led to a trusted, ‘management information’ culture
  • Questions can be answered at the click-of-a-button
  • Shop Floor Data Capture means 100% visibility and backtrace capability
  • Supported the significant growth of the product range
  • Exception reporting means fast issue resolution
  • Long component lead times controlled with MRP tools
  • A platform for greater competitiveness
  • More time to manage opportunities
  • Workflow practices optimised to suit production preferences


Martel Case Study


K8 Manufacturing fuels success for Fluid Transfer International

Fluid Transfer - K8 Manufacturing

”The management dashboards provide real-time information about what’s happening in the business” Richard Iles-Caine, Finance Director


Fluid Transfer International (FTi) is a market-leading manufacturer of aviation and naval refuelling equipment. A major supplier to the Ministry of Defence and UK airports, FTi is also a successful exporter with around 75% of production sold overseas. A refuelling truck - a core product typically comprises more than 1000 items and because every order is bespoke to customer requirements, the company aims to work on just-in-time principles to keep inventory investment to a minimum. Long lead times of up to 9 months also put additional pressures on making effective us of IT systems to support the business.

FTi first implemented K8 Manufacturing in 2001 and has successively added to the system’s functionality and capabilities.  Led by financial director, Richard Iles-Caine, bar code scanning was introduced to replace timesheets which provided immediate savings in back office processes and that any time a snap shot can now show who is carrying out which process on any given job. Management Dashboards have given individuals the information they need on a self-service basis, avoiding the need for time consuming report requests.  The introduction of K8 Manufacturing’s product configurator tools enable sales quotations to be produced much more quickly than previously, by drawing in lists of selectable options.


Gains and benefits

  • Complete process control from order to delivery
  • Workflow tools enable proactive management as situations arise
  • Parts and labour accounting enable accurate contract reviews
  • Dashboards tailored to suit individual management requirements
  • Management accounts published just three days after month end
  • Quality module provides log for each issue or complaint to be managed
  • System is versatile and flexible to handle all types of parts, assemblies and kits
  • MOD process compatible for ‘claim for payment’ requirements
  • Invoicing and accounting for stage payment provision
  • Barcode facility on job sheets saves time in back office administration


Fluid Transfer Case Study


Success all the way for Anglo Stainless with K8 Manufacturing

Anglo Stainless - K8 Manufacturing

”K8 Manufacturing has enabled us to improve productivity and achieve significant cost savings in all areas.” Steve Brooke, Operations Director, Anglo Stainless.


Anglo Stainless is a major stockholder and manufacturer of stainless steel fittings serving 400 active customers predominantly in the chemical, oil, gas, brewing and food sectors.  From its base in West Yorkshire, the privately-owned company regards itself as a service business with priorities being competitive pricing, accurate and timely order fulfilment, along with a readiness to respond to enquiries for advice or assistance.

In 2008, Anglo Stainless realised that their computer and manual systems were no longer suitable - duplicated efforts and the risks of error had to be significantly reduced. Without a modern, integrated system for the business, successful growth and development would be difficult to achieve. A key requirement was a system that could support the company’s distribution and manufacturing activities including a direct interface between the two. Having evaluated alternative systems, Anglo Stainless chose K8 Manufacturing for its clear strengths in both areas. The system went live in July 2009 and the benefits of giving the business much greater control, accurate management information and improved decision making tools were soon apparent. With customer requirements often specified at short notice, K8 Manufacturing enables transactions to be processed quickly and backed up by robust and accurate inventory management. 

Since implementing the system, there have been periods of tough trading conditions to endure, but by running a ‘tight ship’, believing that there are always better ways to do things, Anglo Stainless has thrived and expanded. K8 Manufacturing continues to serve its purpose well.


Gains and benefits

  • Shop Floor Data Capture capability
  • Intercompany trading facilities
  • Improved decision-making tools
  • Greater business control
  • Comprehensive and flexible billing
  • Integrated sales order processing
  • Real-time communications with engineers and reporting
  • Improved customer services
  • Platform for improved management reporting


Anglo Stainless Case Study


NanoDiamond Products (diamond product specialist) grows with K8 Manufacturing

NanoDiamond Products - Customer Success Story

“Since implementing K8 Manufacturing, we have doubled our staffing and have a much more stable business to develop”. Alex Engles, Process and Development Director, NanoDiamond Products.


NanoDiamond Products (NDP), established in 2009, is a thriving and successful manufacturer of industrial diamond products.

The Irish company, based in Shannon, sells mostly to distributors in Europe, North America, India and the Far East, in addition to a small, direct customer base. Such is the nature of its products, quality has to be a given customer expectation; service levels and rapid shipment distinguish NDP and drive its competitive edge.

Prior to implementing K8 Manufacturing, NDP mostly relied on manual systems, but had reached the point where paper-driven processes were becoming too onerous given increased business volumes.

The decision was made that an integrated ERP system was required to take the business forward. Alex Engles, Process and Development Director said: “We chose K8 Manufacturing for its best fit to our requirements; a primary consideration was for a system that we didn’t have to customise to manage the specialties of our business. Going from mostly manual systems meant that we didn’t have much data to convert – it was principally a clean sheet situation for our company in terms of creating data records. What was important; at the time we employed just seven staff, was to go live without stopping the business. Many of our customers work with us on a just-in-time basis; hence uninterrupted service was paramount. Working closely with the Datawright team, which had acquired a solid understanding of our business, the implementation went well and the immediate post go-live period was well-managed.”


Gains and benefits

  • Supports specialist ‘BOM’ needs
  • Manages carat stocking/jar unit profile
  • Fully functional picking and packing app
  • Robust product/material tracking
  • Quality certification export facility
  • Supports business development needs
  • K8 was the best-fit choice
  • Successful transition from manual systems
  • Integrated and controlled business processes
  • Considerable manual effort reduction
  • No major customisation requirements


NanoDiamond Products Case Study

ASL gives greater control to customers with K8 Field Service Customer Portal
ASL - K8 Field Service Customer Portal

“By offering a more ‘self-service’ approach to selected customers, we can move towards reducing our own overhead demands and focus more attention on other business priorities.” Bryan Borley, ASL National Service Manager


ASL is one of the UK’s largest independent managed print solutions suppliers. The company’s fully integrated K8 Field Service system is not only essential for managing business operations, but ASL is also harnessing its capabilities to support strategic growth. Notably, the company is progressively deploying the system’s K8 Field Service Customer Portal – enabling its customers to self-serve key requirements.

With around 9,000 devices on contract, Cambridge-based ASL provides its customers with reliable, high performance print solutions. And with printing being such a fundamental capability for businesses and organisations across the spectrum, equipment serviceability has to be maintained and fully supported. When a breakdown occurs, ASL has the resources to respond with efficient, well-managed field engineering and parts logistics services. Bryan Borley, ASL National Service Manager, said: “There’s no doubt that K8 Field Service plays a significant role in our business processes and ultimately helps us to deliver a quality solution to our customers which meets SLA requirements.”        

“The K8 Field Service Customer Portal represented a fair investment on our part at the outset – including some specified customisation. We knew that giving our customers the ability to log calls, view status detail, parts and toner delivery tracking and access equipment performance, would be extremely beneficial. They like the look and feel, but more importantly appreciate having live, system generated data. In parallel, by offering a more ‘self-service’ approach to selected customers, we can move towards reducing our own overhead demands and focus more attention on other business priorities.”


Gains and benefits

  • Reduced overheads
  • Fast, accurate billing
  • Supports first-time fix objective
  • Improved data entry disciplines
  • Simplified customer reporting
  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Fully integrated business processes
  • Real-time dashboard information
  • Clear management action areas
  • Sales tool differentiator


Whitchem Case Study


Whitchem makes the transition to K8 Manufacturing
Whitchem - K8 Manufacturing

“As an IT partner, Datawright are easy to work with, they listened to our issues and have provided us with a system that is helping us to progress.” Charles Hawley, Finance Director


WhitChem is a successful, specialist distributor of chemicals, minerals and polymers representing a number of leading European manufacturers. WhitChem’s extensive range includes products for the adhesives, construction, coatings, filtration, plastics, rubber, textiles and textile coatings industries. The company, which employs around 30 staff, including qualified technical specialists, serves around 1,000 customers throughout the UK from its central warehouse in Stoke-on-Trent.

When WhitChem’s management team made the decision to invest in a new computer system, they recognised that they needed a partner which had a proven track record of working in the chemicals sector. Flexibility and a willingness to ‘go the extra mile’ to meet specific business requirements were also high on the list of must-haves. In addition to stock control and trading facilities, the new system also needed to accommodate the requirements for handling and transporting chemicals.

Running a bespoke system had been immensely successful for WhitChem and moving to a standard ‘off-the-shelf’ product represented something of a cultural change for everyone involved. From a system which could be easily tweaked with familiar process workarounds, the changeover would need to win hearts and minds, as well as the process of learning a new system.

After evaluating a number of systems and suppliers, WhitChem chose K8 Manufacturing and placed the order for a 25 user system. After a period of parallel running, the new system went live in January 2013.


Gains and benefits

  • Secure and stable platform for the future
  • Tight business controls
  • More visibility of trading activities
  • Faster, more accessible information
  • Queries resolved more efficiently
  • Facilitates a ‘questioning’ management style
  • Increasing business knowledge and understanding
  • Easier to maximise sales opportunities
  • A set of tools to help grow the business
  • Task-driven CRM facilities


Whitchem Case Study


K8 Manufacturing is vital for Variable Message Signs


“With its extensive flexibility, the system allows us to operate the business our way and not according to fixed processes and disciplines. We are in the driving seat with K8 Manufacturing” Louise Martin, Finance Director


Variable Message Signs (VMS) is the UK market leader for transport signage systems. Serving road, rail, airports and seaport sectors, the Hill & Smith- owned company has considerable technical capabilities as an innovator and developer. K8 Manufacturing is an integral part of the business; processing transactions, controlling costs and managing profitability.

VMS have one of the UK’s largest installed bases of programmable sign systems. Customers comprise Highways England and Transport Scotland, joint venture organisations and large corporates including Balfour Beatty and Carillion. The merged company processes around 500 to 1,000 orders annually; with a lead time of up to three months. The pipeline is typically 80-200 orders at any one time, which can comprise up to 2,000 signs and equipment provision.   

For VMS, the K8 Manufacturing Job Ledger module is key to managing orders and maintaining accurate records. “The Job Ledger is the system hub and used very effectively across the business. Collating order detail; from sales order input, through purchase orders, weekly time sheet records and parts issued, we have an accurate picture of what’s going on. Work-in-progress adjustments are easily managed, the invoice position is straightforward to determine and hence the values that can be released into the P&L.” said Louise.   


Gains and benefits

  • Integrated solution
  • Comprehensive functionality
  • Job Ledger – a vital tool
  • Flexible process disciplines
  • Effective business control
  • Real-time information
  • Platform for future development
  • Close working relationship
  • Excellent training provision
  • Professional help-desk


VMS Case Study


Specialist manufacturer Tor Coatings moves up a gear with K8 Manufacturing

Tor Coatings - K8 Manufacturing

“The support has always been professional and our on-going relationship and service experience continues to be excellent” Jan Roberts, Customer Service Manager


Durham-based Tor Coatings is one of the UK's leading manufacturers of specialist protective coatings for buildings, producing both their own range and contracted customer branded products. Established more than 30 years ago, the company operates a single production facility with multiple sales outlets supplying customers across the UK and internationally.

The Tor K8 Manufacturing story began when the company’s management team concluded that their disparate legacy systems and in-house PC-based tools were no longer adequate for the business. Incomplete, inaccurate and out-of-date information was impacting on decision-making and any system maintenance tasks necessitated backups during working hours which was a major issue. Furthermore, the parent company required improvements in financial performance reporting and there were also numerous hardware capacity and performance issues. Having been introduced to Tor, Datawright investigated the company’s business requirements and formed an understanding of the current issues relating to their existing systems and processes. The business was growing and the need for a new integrated system was apparent. Given the go-ahead to proceed with the implementation of K8 Manufacturing, Datawright deployed their business process mapping programme to confirm the specification of the system set up, the modules that would to be introduced first and detailed user training requirements. A successful go-live resulted and the benefits soon began to flow.


Gains and benefits

  • Configured to suit the business’s manufacturing and sales processes
  • Complete control of raw materials, production and finished stock
  • Improved warehouse management work flow
  • Purchasing more accurate to reflect sales order requirements
  • Opportunities to extend system use for greater cost/margin control
  • Pro-active business management – reduced manual input
  • Future proof - turn on additional functionality
  • Platform to accommodate business growth


Tor Coatings Case Study


K8 Manufacturing proves essential for growth at Techflow Flexibles

Techflow Flexibles - K8 Manufacturing

”Our excellent working relationship with Datawright has been vital in helping us achieve significant benefits and value from our K8 Manufacturing system” Terry McDonnell, Commercial Manager


Based in Cramlington, Techflow Flexibles is a market leader in the analysis, design, manufacture and supply of hoses for the oil and gas industry, serving customers such as BP, Total and Samsung. 90% of the company’s business is export, with Brazil and the Middle East representing two of the most significant areas for growth.

Alongside a need to move into new, purpose-built premises (opened in February 2013), Techflow Flexibles had reached a point where its back office, and largely paper-based systems, were proving to be inadequate and restricting business development. The management team took the decision to modernise and update its systems to move the business forward.

The company spent several months evaluating alternative systems before choosing K8 Manufacturing - predominantly for its flexibility and tailoring capabilities - a standard system without the need for bespoke developments. In addition, the company also appreciated that Datawright knew the industry and how it operated, but also took time and effort to understand Techflow Flexibles specific business processes. K8 Manufacturing went live in September 2012 and by taking a step-by-step approach to transform functions in each department, the company has ensured that everyone is comfortable with each phase before rolling out the next module. Virtually from day one, the new system began to prove its worth in being able to support Techflow Flexibles’ future growth and development.


Gains and benefits

  • Job card function provides complete control of every order
  • Production planning simplified and improved
  • Supports lean manufacturing principles
  • Stage-by-stage module/function introduction at own pace
  • Real-time detail from management dashboard is invaluable
  • Better informed staff – e.g. regarding key order milestones
  • Close fit with established processes – maintained continuity
  • Excellent audit records and paper trail facilities
  • Provides a platform for business growth and development
  • Successful working partnership with Datawright


Techflow Case Study


K8 Manufacturing playing an essential role within Steyport
Steyport - K8 Manufacturing

“K8 Manufacturing is an essential part of our business. And without it, we would find it very difficult to run our factory” Wendy Drake, Managing Director


Established in 1979, Steyport is a family-owned company specialising in the manufacture of premium quality paints and wood finishes for the own label market. Steyport is also a market-leading supplier of printing inks for the wall-covering sector. In 2009, recognising a need for a new integrated ERP system, Steyport implemented Datawright’s K8 Manufacturing. With the company’s legacy system having reached end of life, K8 Manufacturing provided the company with the opportunity to improve efficiency in all areas of the business, the benefits of a more effective support package and a progressive product development programme.

Before choosing their new system, the Steyport management team short-listed two products for benchmarking against the company’s requirements. Ultimately K8 Manufacturing was judged for being the best solution and was backed by positive industry credentials. With every implementation treated as an individually tailored project, Datawright worked closely with the Steyport team to plan the set-up and system configuration. Applying its proven Business Process Mapping programme, the consultants ensured that right from the start, K8 Manufacturing would meet the Steyport’s specific requirements and processes. Following on, and with training and data conversion completed, Steyport’s new system went live and the company quickly began to reap the benefits.


Gains and benefits

  • Fully integrated modules for improved efficiency
  • Real-time stock control
  • Accurate job costing
  • Standardised work-flow practices
  • Complete raw material and WIP visibility
  • Product batch control and traceability
  • Dashboards provide at-a-glance information
  • Remote system access for sales order input
  • R&D specification data direct to production


Steyport Case Study


K8 Field Service – delivering valuable benefits for Kellys Printing Solutions
Kellys Printing Solutions - K8 Field Service

“K8 Field Service works very well and enables us to operate lean and efficiently in a highly competitive market” Ruairidh McLachlan, Service Manager, Kellys Printing Solutions.


Established in 1982, Dundee-based Kellys Printing Solutions provides comprehensive print management solutions and services. Working in partnership with Kyocera – an exclusive Scottish distributor, the company currently supports mono and colour desktop printers, copiers and multi-function devices across Scotland. Sectors served by the company range from education and legal to estate agents and oil exploration including some printer installations being maintained on North Sea Oil & Gas platforms. Contracts range from a simple single device to fully integrated document management solutions across multiple sites. With 300+ multifunction devices carried in stock at any one time, one of Kellys' strengths is their ability to supply customers at short notice from their warehouse. With K8 Field Service, the company has the capability of being able to install equipment within 24 hours from order.

The K8 Field Service story for Kellys began in 1997 when, having outgrown its largely manual systems, they chose what was then a text-based product. The company later moved to the Windows-based version of K8 Field Service and in 2013, Kellys completed a further upgrade. Among many functionality improvements, this release included integration with device meter readings which enabled invoice generation to be automated. The new mobile app, which was also implemented, meant that Kellys’ team of field based technicians gained complete control of their service bookings, work flow and parts fulfilment. All in all, K8 Field Service is delivering more benefits to Kellys than ever - reporting that a greater focus can be concentrated on the customer care and service issues.  


Gains and benefits

  • Easy-to-use graphical interface
  • Flexible sales order processing functionality
  • Integrated meter reading for automated billing
  • Real time engineer communications
  • Mobile app streamlines engineering processes
  • Complete stock control – including van stocks
  • Excellent day to day and upgrade support
  • Human error issues eliminated
  • Improved customer service capabilities


Kellys Case Study


Hargreaves Foundry advances with K8 Manufacturing

Hargreaves Foundry

“Stock holdings have been reduced by around 17% - with greater visibility, demand forecasting and max/min functionality.” Helen Thornber, Group Finance Manager, Hargreaves Foundry.


Hargreaves Foundry specialises in the manufacture and distribution of cast iron products. Having diversified and expanded its products to service customers’ changing requirements, the company implemented K8 Manufacturing to take the business forward.

Focussing on the system’s most tangible benefits, customer service features strongly for Hargreaves Foundry. Being able to process orders from national customers with multiple points of delivery, into a single invoice point, is a major time saver.  Likewise, accommodating line by line discount structures also ensures accurate pricing. “Stock holdings have been reduced by around 17% - with greater visibility, demand forecasting and max/min functionality.  Lead times on standard items have also been shortened by at least two days; made possible by having two months’ supply of finished goods available in the picking area - replenished from bulk storage. With improvements in stock record accuracy, our ‘on time in full delivery performance’, which we were unable to properly measure before, is up from around 95% to over 99%.”


Gains and benefits

  • Business growth and development
  • Efficiency improvements identified
  • Comprehensive process review
  • Swift user acceptance
  • Greater functionality
  • More efficient SOP
  • Better customer service
  • Reduced stock holding
  • Demand forecasting
  • Improved management info
  • Supporting future needs


Hargreaves Case Study



K8 Field Service makes a difference to ASL

ASL - K8 Field Service

“The mobile app has had a considerable impact in improving efficiency, communications and service response times.” Terry Henderson, Business Support Manager, Automated Systems Group Ltd


With 8000+ devices on contract, ASL is one of the UK’s largest managed print solutions suppliers. The company, which employs 100 staff - including 50 field engineers, provides its 5,000+ customers with flexible and meter-based options for equipment, servicing, repairs and consumables. ASL has reported that K8 Field Service has helped to reduce servicing overheads by 15% since implementation in 2013.

Prior to K8 Field Service, ASL used a green screen system, but with ambitious growth plans, a modern, fully integrated solution was needed. Primary requirements included facilities to handle complex billing arrangements, effective mobile communications for field engineering operations and advanced information tools. ASL’s project to review alternative systems ran for six months; three systems were evaluated in detail, resulting in the selection of K8 Field Service.

The 75 user K8 Field Service system went live in April 2013 and has, in line with project objectives, given ASL a cost-effective, scalable backbone to support business development. The system has proven its capability to integrate acquired businesses quickly and cost-effectively. ”Helping us to achieve a 15% reduction in service overheads, K8 Field Service has led to a substantial reduction in the amount of data entry duplication and unnecessary work compared with our previous system. Although our IT programme with K8 Field Service continues to evolve, the business is running more efficiently and the system’s benefits are making a difference.”


Gains and benefits

  • 15% service overhead reduction
  • Powerful field engineer communications
  • Real-time information dashboards
  • Supporting business growth and expansion
  • Fully integrated business processes
  • Efficient sales order processing
  • Flexible, accurate billing
  • Improved customer service


ASL Case Study