Stock Control

Stock Control Management Software – complete visibility and tighter control

Stock levels affect your entire business, so tight control is key to any business and essential for manufacturers that need to implement lean strategies. If an item runs out of stock, production slows and costs are increased. At the opposite end of the scale, holding too much stock uses resources and ties up finances.

Our manufacturing solution’s Stock Control Management module ensures optimum stock levels are maintained.

Within our stock control management module, many fields are user-definable, screens can also be customised to suit your particular requirements. Items can be searched for quickly, using a variety of fields and drill-downs, to ensure access to all relevant information and history – giving you complete visibility.

The multi-warehousing option provides a central control of stock, whilst allowing it to be stored across various points of use. Inter-company stock transfers are supported ensuring easy maintenance of optimal stock levels at each site. Back orders and future jobs can be viewed to ensure the right amount of material is in stock, the stock checking facility monitors the accuracy of reported usage, and cash flow projections are updated.

Manufacturing Stock Control Management Software: benefits at a glance

  • Complete stock visibility and control

  • Controls and manages stock at central, regional and branch levels

  • Optimum stock levels to reduce costs and boost margins

  • Captures and audits vital information for management review

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