Shop Floor Data Capture

Shop Floor Data Capture – track entire costs and performance

Lean manufacturing demands better, more efficient ways of accomplishing the same tasks without reducing quality. Our manufacturing solution’s Shop Floor Data Capture module provides your business with user-friendly tools to provide deep insights into what’s happening on your factory floor - all in real-time.

Shop Floor Data Capture enables you to create efficiencies and remove ineffective steps within your production processes, giving you unparalleled visibility into your manufacturing processes from goods receipt, right through to customer despatch. Using the latest technology we can reduce the time taken to capture data by employing the use of barcode / RFID scanners (wireless or corded), touch screens, label printers, scales & indicators, and intelligent software which seamlessly links to the system. Our approach replaces dated and error-prone paper-based communications with an efficient and automated process.

Manufacturing Shop Floor Data Capture Software: benefits at a glance

  • Advanced ‘data-driven decision making’ based on real-time information

  • Streamlined data capture processes reduces data entry errors and decreases admin costs

  • Superior traceability with complete tracking of your manufacturing processes

  • More output with the same resources by reducing waste

  • Accelerated invoicing cycles and improved cash flow

Read our blog post: Shop Floor Data Capture - 3 ways it boosts your business’s performance.

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