Finance & HR

Finance and Accounts

The Finance module for our manufacturing and field service solution automates and streamlines all accounting, budgeting and financial operations across your entire manufacturing or field service business. The Finance module manages your entire cash-flow showing in real-time how cash enters and leaves your company. You can track the flow of cash on a daily basis, against multiple companies, locations, divisions and accounts giving you instant visibility into real-time financial performance.

All data entered is traceable and can be analysed quickly and easily to provide the information you need to make business critical decisions.

Human Resources and Payroll

The HR and Payroll module handles all personal details and payroll information securely whilst linking to other modules such as timesheets, sales orders and expenses ledger – ensuring that the information collected is both accurate and up to date. The module enables you to run multiple payrolls for different companies, currencies and departments from a single location. You can also handle a variety of payment methods from wages to salaries and cash to BACs transfers; covering all eventualities for your manufacturing and field service business.

In addition to our core Finance and HR modules, our system also offers the following solutions:

Invoice management software solution – SNAP

SNAP (Scan, Notify, Approve & Pay) has been designed to efficiently manage large numbers of purchase invoices. On a multi-site or multi-project operation, with SNAP there is no need for finance systems to be the same at each individual manufacturing or field service site. The SNAP invoice management software can be configured to provide singular control across a number of finance systems. The flexibility of SNAP means a PO system is not necessary, yet invoices can be automatically matched to POs if required.

Budget Consolidation software solution – Summit and Sherpa

Operating different group structures can often be complicated with different accounting systems and multiple physical locations. With Summit and Sherpa, consolidated data is collected via a single web based system. All financial information is stored centrally, enabling accurate reporting and analysis across all companies. This process can reduce consolidation, month-end close and reporting cycles by days or even weeks.

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IT Europa 2017 Winner. ISO 14001 registered. ISO 9001 registered. Investors in people.