Continued investment in K8 Manufacturing & Field Service

Continuous investment in Research & Development (R&D) is at the heart of the K8 ERP solution. To ensure that K8 Manufacturing and K8 Field Service continue to focus on your business needs, over 40% of our resources are directly involved in on-going product development and improvement.

The technical expertise within our R&D team is complemented by business analysts, product managers and QA consultants who have strong industry knowledge of manufacturing and field service.

At Datawright we ensure our customers have opportunities to channel influence into R&D. We work in partnership with our independent customer user group to move the K8 solution and its use forward within individual organisations.

The K8 Manufacturing & Field Service User Group is an independent forum to share best practice within the Manufacturing and Service Management sectors; discuss sector issues and initiatives; and, develop improvement and best value with the K8 solution.


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