ROI from ERP? …it’s just a health check away

At Datawright we are acutely aware that superior ROI from manufacturing and field service ERP software comes from the process improvements which are supported by software, and not from the software alone.

Our ERP health checks have been developed to assess your existing processes, identify performance gaps and provide a roadmap for improvement. We can offer ERP health checks even if you are not a current Datawright customer.


K8 Manufacturing and K8 Field Service health checks for Datawright customers:

Our K8 Manufacturing and K8 Field Service health checks are carried out by experienced implementation consultants. They are designed provide your organisation with information to help re-assess existing processes and shape your K8 system for the future.

During your health check we carry out extensive consultations with key stakeholders, and provide focus groups with users/non-users across your business. Every K8 module is evaluated in relation to your business requirements. Additional reports and dashboards that could generate business improvements are also evaluated.  You will receive a comprehensive roadmap report outlining areas of improvement that will benefit your staff, your customers and ultimately, your business.


ERP health checks for non-customers

Whether you are new to Manufacturing or Field Service ERP, or have an existing system, Datawright can provide an ERP health check to identify areas for improvement within you current business processes.

Our ERP health checks are designed to assess the ROI from your existing ERP system and support your business growth by establishing your future ERP requirements.


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