Business discovery – a tailored solution mapped to your processes

Datawright’s business discovery approach is designed to capture and define your existing business processes. Our experts start by interviewing key users from across your business – including those at the ‘delivery end’ – to identify their roles, activities and any processes used.

This gives an end-to-end view of your business with a full footprint of systems.

We then make business specific recommendations, which take into consideration feedback from all levels. This process helps you to assess your current business needs, equipping you to manage major business change. The process also positions your business for continuous improvement.

Not every ERP system can meet the needs of every business. At Datawright, our business discovery approach ensures we look ‘under the bonnet’ of your business. We establish your pain points and priorities, to provide a tailored solution mapped to your processes. 

Business discovery tracks processes across multiple sites and document trails.

The business discovery approach is designed to:

  • Give a view of processes ‘as are’

  • Allow the management team to make significant changes to processes to ensure greater efficiency, reduced replication of effort, stronger visibility, defined ownership and best practice


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