End-to-end Traceability for quality assurance

The K8 Manufacturing Traceability module was designed for manufacturers who require strict control whilst adhering to manufacturing compliance standards. K8 Manufacturing’s end-to end traceability allows you not only to track entries and edits made throughout the system, but also track items from purchase to sale. This level of detail ensures your manufacturing business has tighter controls on wastage, rejections, item usage and ultimately cost. It can also help with improving customer service by enabling employees to access the full history of any item or transaction.

You can monitor the utilisation of materials and resources throughout your organisation with full audit history of any item or transaction. Test certificates can also be generated for items and finished goods then tagged to these items as they are sold.


K8 Manufacturing Traceability Software: benefits at a glance

  • Tighter controls resulting in increased profitability

  • Quality control assurance to make certain that tasks are completed to the highest standard

  • Complete batch and serial number tracking

  • Supplier certificates and test certificate generation

  • Enables compliance with manufacturing industry standards 


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