Document Management – improve productivity and enable cost savings

The Document Management module in K8 Manufacturing and K8 Field Service offers an integrated solution for all customer and supplier-facing documents. Each document can be created utilising user definable fields to reflect the needs of your specific business.

The Document Management module enables you to produce high quality, personalised documents and configure distribution whilst managing version control, storage and archiving. We understand that complex manufacturing and field service businesses generate a wide range of documentation that needs to be produced quickly and efficiently. As part of the fully integrated K8 system, the Document Management module will improve productivity and enable cost savings across your business.


K8 Manufacturing and K8 Field Service Document Management Solutions - benefits at a Glance:

  • Comprehensive document management will save time and costs across your business

  • Documents can be quickly formatted and personalised 

  • Back-ups for secure document archive and version control


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