Call Management software – manage all call information from one central location

In field service management, your business has numerous components and processes that need to be managed accurately in order to ensure maximum performance. The Call Management module from K8 Field Service makes it simple to log and manage all service calls. With Call Management you can instantly view all call information including attachments and customer details.

Each call is swiftly assigned to a field service engineer. Engineers can then accept, respond and close calls remotely, on the move using the Field service mobile app. All information is stored centrally, enabling critical information to flow throughout your business, helping you to maximise overall performance. Functionality also includes email notifications to ensure customers are instantly updated about the progress of every call.


K8 Field Service Call Management software – benefits at a glance:

  • A single system for creating, assigning, organising and tracking all tasks, in addition to managing all customer information

  • All call centre staff and engineers will access the same information

  • Integrated back office processes will result in no duplicated efforts

  • A collaborative approach will result in enhanced customer relationship management

  • Automated call escalation and manager alerts

  • Views can be configured according to processes or functions


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