Bill of Materials (BOM) Software supporting proficient manufacturing processes

Our Bill of Materials module allows you to set out your manufacturing processes and then manage them to ensure they continue to be the most productive methods available. From standard lists of parts to scenario analysis and costing models, K8 Manufacturing will help you maintain maximum effectiveness of productivity.

Engineering changes allow evolution of Bills of Materials with a full historical audit trail on what effect each change had on an assembly, with the ability to update in-progress work orders with the new specification. Accurate management of Bills of Materials will ensure that items are produced to the correct specification, quality standards, on time and within cost budgets.


K8 Manufacturing BOM software: benefits at a glance

  • Comprehensive instructions for every process and defined resource allocation

  • Manage product configurations for all BOM revisions and reduce the amount of BOMs with Configurator functionality

  • Manufacture multiple items from one work order with multi-product BOM

  • Quickly identify stock availability with trial kitting functionality

  • Streamline workflow and track all labour costings and revisions


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